We know exactly what our customers pay us for and what they do not.

For experts
with experience

We have all worked in companies that chant “many years of experience since 1950” on their website and have been presented to the client as an expert from day one. We are convinced that ten consultants with one year of experience cannot match the expertise of one consultant with ten years of experience. Therefore, all projects are accompanied by our experienced experts from start to finish.

For results
with effect

Once we understand a challenge, we get itchy. Our customers don’t pay for cool slogans and complicated consultant presentations. Concepts and strategies are an important part of success, but in the end it’s the results that count. For us, presentations are there to pick up the customer and bring him along, not as a means to justify our work.

For passion
on team play

It’s no news that a positive attitude towards work helps you be both happier and more productive. In our industry, the best results are achieved through collaboration, which is why we work closely with our customers. So we only see our task as fulfilled when not only the results are right, but also the way to get there is perceived as positive by both sides.

Beraterteam arbeitet gemeinsam an einem Projekt

Envolved = Enable + Involve


Our name is a composite of the words “enable” and “involve” and describes the essence of our consulting approach. Both attributes merge in our work and together ensure our clients’ success as well as our own.


We give you the rod and teach you to fish. We believe that good consulting is not just about delivering results in the short term and then losing sight of the goals, but at the same time ensuring that you continue on your own.


We are not writers who deliver you a finished book, but ghostwriters who write the story of your success together with you. Only in this way can individual solutions be developed and the expertise of both parties fully exploited.

Customer Centricity through multi-perspective competence and true collaboration


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