Use digitization to solve customer problems.

Digital Product Management is now indispensable to any company, because everything is based on software. Thus, the key to success lies in the development of digital products that solve both internal and external customer problems.

The following questions are asked by our clients:

  • How do we identify and resolve our customers’ challenges in terms of the interaction between projects, product and tech team, day-to-day business (Black Friday, etc.) and technology? How can we make the most of product-driven transformation and the orchestration of project, product, operations and technology?
  • How can we bring our ideas quickly to market and thus to our customers without investing a lot of resources? Are there methods such as product discovery, prototyping, MVP and MLP that can be used for this purpose?
  • How can we further align business and technology within our company towards common goals and priorities? Can we take advantage of OKR’s to do this by creating a decision-making framework that fosters collaboration and transparency?
  • How can we deliver our digital projects according to our goals (time, budget, scope)?
  • What are the opportunities to integrate elements from the agile context into project, areas or ways of working? Does this require agile transformation?

"There is no plural of focus. Not only grammatically correct, but also the key to success for any project."

Rene Abou El Alla – Principal, Envolved GmbH

More Competences

  • Customer Experience

  • CRM & Loyalty

  • Lead & Account Management

  • Data-Integrated Business

  • Sales & Marketing Automation

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

  • Innovation & Change

  • Customer Service

  • Digital Business Design & Agility

  • Advisory Service


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