We enable and coach you to digital - and therefore necessary agile - competence.

“If they digitalize a crap process, they have a crap digital process.” – Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland

The following questions are asked by our clients:

  • Which processes in customer interaction do we need to optimize, and which of them make sense to be digitally transformed?
  • How can we respond quickly to constantly changing customer needs with digital solutions in order to remain competitive?
  • With which digital services can we expand our portfolio to operate in an even more customer-centric way?
  • How can we continuously transform our customer experience into an omni-channel touchpoint universe?
  • Why should we develop new digital services for our customers when we have a good revenue stream?
  • How can we digitally evolve our business models so we don’t lose our existing customers?
  • How can we digitally transform our sales without losing direct customer contact?
  • How can we synchronize all digital touchpoints along the sales funnel across departments?
  • What new added values should we generate in digitalization for the B2C and B2B sectors? Do we need different approaches for this?
  • How do we get our R&D department to co-create with Marketing & Sales to make digital innovations sustainably marketable?
  • Where and when can we integrate our customers into the decision-making process in an agile product development process that adds value?
  • How can we effectively operationalize agility in organizational units, which is essential for digital competitiveness?
  • Why should we put effort into digital and agile expertise in all departments to develop customer-centric products instead of simply using a startup?
  • Last but not least: When will we know that digitalization and agility have really improved customer satisfaction?

"Agile is not a framework, it’s a mindset!"

Rene Abou EI Alla – Principal, Envolved GmbH

More Competences

  • Customer Experience

  • CRM & Loyalty

  • Lead & Account Management

  • Data-Integrated Business

  • Sales & Marketing Automation

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

  • Innovation & Change

  • Customer Service

  • Digital Product Management

  • Advisory Service


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