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Anyone who does not yet make customer-centric decisions in the 21st century has either already failed or is leaving their economic success to chance. This is one reason why the Customer Centricity approach is now an important part of every company or group. So the question has long ceased to be “if”, but “how” and above all “by whom”.

Envolved has been able to assert itself as the leading customer centricity consultancy. The founders are among the most successful CRM & loyalty pioneers. For the past 30 years, they have been transforming customer satisfaction with a company into commercial business success.

Envolved: The most effective combination of “enable” and “involve”.

Since 1999, our passion for customer-centric thinking and acting has been unbroken. Long before “customer centricity” became a buzzword in management consulting, the founders of Envolved stood out as pioneers in this field. Even before others recognized the effectiveness of this approach, we could already look back on considerable successes. While others were still studying the instruction manual, we were already preparing for the next generation.

We are proud to have prepared what today can help numerous companies and guarantee a better customer experience for many people. It is important to us that we will continue to have a significant impact on this topic in the future, while at the same time providing our own customers with the full experience of 30 years. We are not resting on our current status, but are working every day to continue to grow and achieve new successes for our customers.

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Partner der Unternehmensberatung aus München

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