Envolved is chosen out of conviction.

Ansprechpartnerin für Bewerber*innen

Envolved is not a short intermediate step for a nicer resume.

Once Envolved, always Envolved. This is not a threat, but a development that we have been pleased to observe over the past decades. Our low turnover of consultants shows us that we are doing many things right. We attach great importance to a working environment that meets every individual career aspiration and makes working a passion. At Envolved, you learn from Customer Centricity pioneers and develop yourself through mentoring and individual training, while realizing exciting projects in a great team spirit.

We owe this loyalty to two facts in particular: First, the topic of Customer Centricity is a very fulfilling field from which one can draw motivation day after day. Secondly, we attach great importance to a good working atmosphere. We know that sounds like a phrase – but it’s not.

If we weren’t so professional, Customer Centricity would be our hobby.

Imagine that you make important decisions that benefit everyone. You set change in motion, but not only for the increase in sales of your customers, but also for many others affected at the same time. Imagine that everyone involved benefits from your work and that every step forward reaches millions of people. Imagine that you develop a world as you would like it to be. That’s exactly your job at Envolved.

Customer Centricity is an approach in which the well-being of some becomes the profit of others. Together with our customers, we reconcile the interests of companies and end consumers on a daily basis. There is no pure fixation on numbers, but interests are taken into account holistically. We do not push for profit maximization at any price, but strive for a well thought-out and plannable growth for our customers based on the wishes and needs of real people. That’s why we get up every day and work together to create a world where everyone wins.

Berater lachen gemeinsam im Flur

Working for us means having the right balance between freedom and responsibility.

For us, the quality of a job depends on the right balance between performance-oriented work and relaxed interaction with each other. our aspiration is to do good work while enjoying freedom. The shared experiences on (inter)national projects weld us together just as much as regular team events. Performance-oriented work is just as important to us as the necessary balance. For the right work-life balance, we respect & promote flexible working models. From business meetings to the Oktoberfest. From the mentoring evening to the ski slope. From the presentation to the ladies’ evening.

Like every company, we have our own unique vibe. Each consultant brings their own personality to the team. Due to our rapid growth and the changes that come with it, Envolved is also constantly changing. However, our core values of an environment where people enjoy working will always remain the same.

Benefits that reflect our togetherness.


We offer both internal and external training to promote your individual career. You also have a say in the topics that are relevant to you.


At Envolved, you'll learn from the leading Customer Centricity pioneers. You don't just contribute, you learn from the best of the best in numerous mentoring dialogues.


Christmas party, summer party, skiing, summer vacation, Oktoberfest, spring meadows, empowering women evening, barista training, billards training. Friendships are formed in our team.

30 days vacation

Despite performance-oriented work, we value your work-life balance. 30 days of vacation are a matter of course for us and part of our appreciation for your work.

New Work

We already had a home office before Corona. We are very flexible when it comes to different working models. We are also no strangers to workation and sabbaticals.


Whether it's participation in the Charity Company Championship or other social projects - you're welcome to get involved with us when it comes to doing good. Which topics are important to you?

Top Brands

At Envolved, you'll work with the most well-known and influential, national and international B2C, B2B and B2B2C brands across all industries.

Company Mobile Phone

How do you distinguish between work and leisure when both feel similar? Your company cell phone is yours, even for personal use. If you like playing Doodle Jump - Go for it!

Berater zusammen am Billardtisch

We place great value on team play. Among each other and together with our customers.

Team arbeitet zusammen in München
  • Customer Centricity Meeting in München
  • Interne Schulung der Berater*innen
  • Präsentation über Customer Centricity
  • Berater erklärt die Branchen in einer Präsentation

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Wir duzen uns. Wir sind alle gleich viel wert. Wir verbringen gerne Zeit miteinander. Wer konzentriert ist, wird nicht gestört. Wir arbeiten effektiv und verschwenden keine Zeit. Wir sind stolz auf unsere Ergebnisse. Wir feiern uns selbst für unsere Erfolge. Wir lästern nicht über unsere Kunden. Bei uns lernt man wahnsinnig viel. Bei uns kann man jederzeit um Unterstützung bitten. Wir werden alle Meister im Billiadspielen. Wir versagen gemeinsam beim Dartwerfen. In unserem Office gibt es immer Getränke. Wir haben die beste käuflich zu erwerbende Kaffeemaschine der Welt. Wir haben immer Drinks kalt gestellt. Wir alle lieben unseren Job.